The water crisis continues to kill more people than all forms of violence, including war. 748 million people are still living without access to clean water, but progress is being made. Within the past few years, we have raised tons of awareness, and have reached millions of people in over 50 countries. Our campaign that began deep in the streets even reached a 5th grade classroom in Florida, USA. A teacher was inspired by our work last year, and educated his students about the crisis. These young student activists made their own World Water Day T-shirt designs that are featured below.

We’ve started making arrangements to work on water projects in Cambodia, and this will keep us busy for the next 2 years, possibly longer. BNE will not be actively campaigning online for awhile.It’s necessary for us to take a break in order to develop a new model that will allow us to more sucessfully raise funds and awareness for our cause. We will re-launch only when we’ve come up with something solid and sustainable. You can track the progress of three previous projects that we helped fund HERE. Two are still pending, and another was completed last month in Nepal.

Further info regarding "The Collaborative T-shirt" and last year's "Water" print has been postponed until we complete our work in Cambodia.

If you would like to make a donation today, please consider supporting the work of Matt Damon’s organization, For every $25 they raise, one person will get access to clean, and safe drinking water.

Thanks for caring,